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“The New Whip” print (1883) by the English artist, Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894).


Barber was a British artist who specialised in depicting children and animals. During his lifetime Barber was regarded as one of Britain's finest animal painters and received multiple commissions from Queen Victoria to paint her with her grandchildren and dogs, and also the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and his pets. Barber received his final commission in 1894 to paint Queen Victoria, with her grandchildren, in her pony-carriage.


Barber was an esteemed and skilled artist, studying from the age of 18 at the Royal Academy, London – receiving a silver medal for drawing in 1864, and first exhibiting there in 1866 and continued to do so until 1893. In 1883 his work was recognised by his peers and he was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.


Much of his work was made into prints usually in the medium of photogravure, as is the case with this piece, due to his photorealistic sketching ability.


This specific print was published November 24th, 1883, by Arthur Tooth & Sons, 5 &6 Haymarket, S.W., London. The publisher having offices on both Britain and abroad in the United States of America, the copyright for this piece was registered and entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1883, by M. Knoedler & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of the Congress of Washington. This information is written along the header of this print.


Includes both the signature of the artist Charles Burton Barber, and the engraver of the original copper plate used in the photogravure process, Robert B. Parker. This print has been professionally framed.

"The New Whip" Photogravure Print, 1883, By Charles Burton Barber

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