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Beautifully handmade Supermarine S6B seaplane model - Painting now sold


The Supermarine S6B was developed by R.J. Mitchell for the Supermarine company to race in the Schneider Trophy competition held in 1931. The S6B was the final model of racing seaplanes manufactured by Supermarine, powered by a 37-litre Rolls-Royce R engine. Two planes entered the race both flown by pilots from the RAF High Speed Flight group, successfully winning the Schneider Trophy for Britain. Shortly after another S6B, flown by Flt Lt. George Stainforth, broke the world air speed record, reaching a peak speed of 407.5 mph. The success of the S6B is widely regarded as the catalyst which fueled the development of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire.

Schneider Trophy Supermarine S6B Hand Built Model - Painting Now Sold

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