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Max Verner (1922-2011) was a German born motorsport enthusiast and photographer, documenting not only races in which he competed but almost every event he attended. Regularly attending meetings at Reims, Monaco, Spa and Le Mans, Verner was able to build a friendship with many of the drivers allowing him to get close to the action of the pits and paddock. Verner began his racing career in a 300sl Mercedes at the 1958 International Sportscar meeting at the Nürburgring. Subsequently, he raced a Jaguar E-type at the 1960 Rallye Trifels, taking 1st place. Continued success in the sport and the support of his fellow drivers and friends enabled Verner to be granted lifetime membership of the BRDC, despite slight opposition due to his German heritage. This collection offers a unique detailed insight into the world of motorsport in the 50’s and 60’s, a paramount time in the sports history.

Max Verner Collection

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