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Dexter Brown is one of the UK’s principal motoring artists having a career over 40 years. He has two personalities: the Dexter Brown motoring art that ranges from near photographic to complete abstract, and the work of de Bryune with a very strong impressionist influence. Dexter Brown has painted cars from the early days of motoring up to the present time but de Bryune confines himself to the golden period of motoring up to the Second World War. Dexter Brown was always keen on cars and motor racing when he was doing studies whilst at Harrow Art College where he developed his excellent use of colour and the technique of splitting the cars into shapes with strong lines which is characteristic of his art. In his early period his works were hung on the walls of the Steering Wheel Club in London and this resulted in many sales and commissions for motor racing posters such as this piece.

Dexter Brown 1968 Thruxton International Motor Racing Poster - Now Sold

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