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A terrifically stylish poster designed by arguably one of the greatest poster designers of the century. Gérard Courbouleix–Dénériaz, also known as Razzia stands alone in a computer generated advertising world continuing to base his posters on his orgiganl paintings. His art-deco style revoke a sense of class and culture not so easily attained by his peers. This poster, designed for the 1995 Concours Automobiles Classiques in partnership with the luxury designer Louis Vuitton, features the pop culture giant - the Ferrari 250 GTO - recently making news as the most expensive car sold at auction. I doubtful a greater illustration of class and style could fit on one single page.  Featuring minor damage to the poster border - not impacting the main image.

1995 Concours Automobiles Classiques et Louis Vuitton Poster by Razzia

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